Time to Smarten Up: Day 0 (Journalism: Reinvented)

A few hours after I had officially made my plan to smarten the hell up, my Twitter feed came in like a wrecking ball and suggested that I attend a lecture at King’s titled Journalism: Reinvented.

I came across the description of the event just 2 hours before it was supposed to start. In a moment of predictable weakness, my knee-jerk reaction was to think ‘nah, I shouldn’t go. I have some school work to do, I’ll stay home and finish it.” I knew that this train of thought was a) an excuse; and b) the exact reason I decided to start this challenge in the first place.

So I went.


I’m by no means a ‘journalist’; aside from half of an introductory journalism course, a spontaneous attempt at a news story for the Dal Gazette earlier this year, and a brief obsession with HBO’s The Newsroom, I’m a newbie (until the day that live tweeting Big Brother counts as journalism). For these reasons, I’m going to safely assume that this event qualifies for my challenge.

I left my apartment and headed towards the bus stop.  In the spirit of maintaining my new found spontaneity, I decided to wait at a different bus stop than I normally do. I should mention that this ‘bus stop’ wasn’t actually bus stop at all, and I failed to realize that until my bus drove past me. You would be surprised at the number of times I’ve done this in recent memory, but at least this time I realized my mistake before I started flipping the bird at the driver. Hell hath no fury like a skinny gay man who thinks that a bus driver just snubbed him.

I hopped on a different bus (at a real bus stop this time) and arrived at King’s. The lecture was great, but I’m not going to bore you with specifics. If you’re interested in the themes of creativity, experimentation, and entrepreneurship in terms of journalism, you can view the entire presentation here! I wouldn’t say that I took a lot from the content of the presentation itself, but it did help me understand how my career interests fit in with journalism. That’s good enough for me.

Verdict: Day 0: Success! I got off the couch and did something that I would not normally do otherwise. Now I’m trying to think of some ideas for future excursions and events. Any suggestions?


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