Hi, I’m Josh

I’m Josh.

I’m slightly under six feet tall, but if anyone asks I’m exactly 6’0. I can’t be certain of the reason, but 5’11 seems unappealing to me.

I like to write, so writing is what I will do. I go through phases where I obsess over certain topics for about 2 months (it’s been like this since I was 4, obsessing over Sailor Moon) and the topics that I write about seem to follow suit. To be honest, I was pretty sure this that whole ‘writing’ thing was a phase, but I’ve been at it for a while and it’s been going steady (knock on wood).

Aside from writing, I like to read, sing, and learn useless tidbits of information on the internet. I have a fascination with topics advertising, public relations, social media, and everything in between, and I hope to end up in a career relating to those fields.

I hope that you enjoy at least one of my posts. It would make my day to hear that I entertained someone for at least 3 minutes. Send me a shout on Twitter if you see anything that made you smile or think or laugh or something.

Lots of love,




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